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Dr. Alfred Alessi

Medical Provider
Clinic Director, Integrative Health Practitioner, Doctor of Chiropractic at Alessi Functional Health & Wellness

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“By combining my passion for wellness with the experiences and struggles of my own health journey, I’ve helped thousands of people find relief from chronic pain and disease”

About Dr. Alfred Alessi

Dr. Alfred Alessi is a highly skilled Integrative Health Practitioner, specializing in functional nutrition and corrective care chiropractic. With an extensive background in health and wellness spanning over a decade, he has successfully guided numerous individuals toward healthier lives by addressing the underlying causes of their health concerns.

Initially embarking on his professional journey as a personal trainer and strength and conditioning specialist, Dr. Alessi quickly discovered his enthusiasm for continuous learning and personal growth. Pursuing his passion, he embarked on a Doctorate of Chiropractic program while acquiring multiple post-doctoral certifications in fields such as functional neurology, myoneural medicine, and functional nutrition, among others.

During his three-year tenure as a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Alessi realized his profound affinity for nutrition and functional medicine. Driven by his unwavering commitment to holistic health, he sought further education and became a Certified Integrative Health Practitioner. Armed with an extensive repertoire of knowledge and skills acquired throughout his career, he excels at uncovering the root causes of his patient's health issues and guiding them toward safe and natural rebalancing of their bodies.

Dr. Alessi earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic Medicine from the esteemed National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) in St. Petersburg, Florida. Additionally, he holds an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition. Driven by his deep-rooted desire to contribute to the well-being of his community, he aspires to share his comprehensive understanding of natural and preventive health practices with his hometown of Tampa. Through his own personal pursuit of optimal health, he instills in his patients an innate drive for self-improvement and wellness.

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Papi Smith
Papi Smith
- a month ago

Dr Alessi and Staff Are Amazing!!! They’re All Very Kind And Easy To Talk To. They’re Also Very Thorough With Their Treatments. I’ve Never Felt Better Since Getting My Initial X-Ray and Adjustments

Jim Mazzeo
Jim Mazzeo
- a week ago

I WAS in terrible pain, back-leg-butt, when I first met Dr. Allessi. Prior to meeting him, I had been receiving treatment from my GP for months with no relief. I was referred to a neurologist by my primary and had been waiting since August for that appointment . I have spent hundreds of dollars and the pain persisted. I made an appointment with Allessi Functional Health on Friday and was laying on the therapy table by Monday. I left a new person. Not only did Dr. Allessi identify the problem he started treatment that day, he explained my condition and what he will do to correct it as well as what I needed to do to maintain a healthy body. I am not 100% yet but I have gained a substantial amount of functionality after only 2 weeks of treatments. It's so amazing what he has done for me. I not only wrote this review (never do reviews) I got my partner an appointment too! Plus the office is so welcoming, upbeat and, positive. Thanks Doc, you have made my life better.

Teseiee Davis
Teseiee Davis
- a month ago

Let me start by saying I was absolutely terrified my first appointment with Dr. Alessi. My nerves were all over the place. We started with the consultation of course, then x-ray. After seeing what was going on inside, I admit I was shocked. Dr. Alessi explained in full detail not only the x-ray, but what he/we could do to make the necessary changes for more functional health. I was always afraid 😨 of going to a Chiropractor but he was more than patient with me and eased me into it. For me as a patient, I need to be able to trust you, and that's what he gave. When I started I couldn't lift my right leg enough on its own to put pants on without assisting by physically lifting with my hand. Now we are almost at the halfway mark, and I'm lifting without using my hand. The facility is always clean, and the staff greets you with a smile, and is always welcoming!! I would definitely recommend you give Alessi Functional Health a try, you won't be disappointed 😉.

nina hinojosa
nina hinojosa
- 2 months ago

Dr Alessi is very welcoming and educates you on what he provides you for your wellbeing. I highly recommend Dr Alessi. I have been to several chiropractors over the years and absolutely love Alessi Functional Health. It’s more than just an adjustment it’s truly a new way of life. Truly a great facility with a wonderful staff.

- 3 months ago

“Dr. Solar at Alessi Chiropractic is nothing short of a miracle worker! His intuitive approach to adjustments has alleviated my chronic back pain, giving me a new lease on life. The entire experience is professional, personalized, and profoundly effective. If you’re looking for someone that does great adjustments, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with him. Five stars all the way!” Mr. Romeo

“By combining my passion for wellness with the experiences and struggles of my own health journey, I’ve helped thousands of people find relief from chronic pain and disease”


Rediscover the power of alignment with Chiropractic care: a holistic approach that optimizes spinal health, relieves pain, and enhances overall well-being. Embrace balance, flexibility, and a life of vitality with the transformative benefits of Chiropractic.

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