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AgeMD Frequently Asked Questions

For Medical Providers

When does my listing show up on AgeMD search results pages?

After you create a provider profile on AgeMD, your listing shows up in one of the top placements on our Search Result pages when people who search for you or your specialty are within approximately 10 miles of your office location.

Will my listing always appear at the top of prominent Search Engines?

There may be times when your listing does not appear at the top of Search Engine listings. Optimizing your listings regularly is critical to compete against listings in the same specialty and geographic area. 

When you join AgeMD as a provider, our commitment to you is to monitor and optimize based on performance to ensure strong visibility.

Does AgeMD accept Faith-Based providers?

AgeMD is called to a higher standard, and we run our business based on our biblical values and principles. This means that all are welcome, including faith-based and secular medical providers. 

We believe that aesthetic, integrative, and functional medicine are acceptable practices within our faith.

For Future Patients

Do I have to pay a subscription fee for joining AgeMD?

Absolutely not! Joining our community and using all of our website's features, including searching for and connecting with medical providers is completely free! 

We offer both free and paid subscriptions to medical providers wanting to be found by you!

If I join, will you sell my contact information to third parties?

Absolutely not! We do not and will not sell your contact information to anyone, including and especially third parties.

You can read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more information.

How old do I have to be to join AgeMD?

You must be a legal adult 18 years or older. Being AgeMD, we're focused on healthy aging and longevity. While most of our joiners are past the growing ages of life, young adults can learn about the aging process early and what others are doing to optimize their aging journey.